Materials We Use

Materials We Use

14 Karat Gold Only

We use only 100% post-consumer recycled gold that has been refined in the USA, so we can work on being eco-friendly together and focus on the future and our environment.

We only use solid 14K gold for all of our pieces, as we believe it's the best balance for everyday wear in terms of durability and luminescence. That means no gold fillers and no gold plating, which also means you have a hypoallergenic piece that treats sensitive skin kindly.

Remember, your jewelry is also your friend.

Genuine Diamonds Only

We source all of our diamonds from a reputable source in New York, guaranteed to be conflict-free and sustainable. We also hand-select diamonds for your piece to ensure that it will capture light as brilliantly as possible.

All of our diamonds are round calibrated for consistent carat size, G-H near colorless, ideal cut for optimum sparkle, and either SI-1 or VS-1 clarity. This is all to make sure you are receiving a consistent and high-quality product each and every time, that is both affordable yet also the best bang for your buck.

Furthermore, all diamonds 3.5mm and up will be GIA certified for complete satisfaction.

Completely Handmade in the USA

Hindged was founded by a jeweler who has over 2 decades of bench experience honing the art of jewelry and over a decade of experience designing jewelry, which means our pieces are designed to be comfortable, functional, and elegant.

 All of our pieces are handmade in sunnyside California, USA with the expertise of our experienced jewelers who are dedicated to the craft of perfection. Hindged is committed to helping artisans grow and develop their craft, all while making jewelry everyone can wear and admire.