About Hindged

Our Story

Hindged was first established in 2013 as a custom gold body jewelry company based in Los Angeles, California, set out to create unique works of art that can be worn with style. A business spanning 10 plus years with over 25 years of experience producing premium jewelry, it’s safe to say that we know what works. That is why we transitioned from producing gold body jewelry to creating high-end jewelry, so that our pieces can be worn by anyone for any occasion.

Everything is done in-house by our talented team of jewelers, setters, and polishers with precision and skill. Each piece we create is hand fabricated, drilled, tapped, and threaded by hand. From the design, to casting, to soldering, to setting, and finally polishing, we are there every step of the process to ensure a luxury piece of the highest caliber.

We strive for excellence which is why we only use the highest quality materials around. We only offer 14k solid gold and genuine conflict-free SI-1 or VS-1 diamonds sourced from New York for all our designs, because you deserve the best. Having been in the jewelry industry for so long, it’s our belief that only the finest gold/diamonds should be used to give you that sparkle and shine.

From the family here at Hindged, thank you for the support.


355 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2450

Los Angeles, California, 90071